Taxi for Sagrada Familia

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Taxi Barcelona sagrada familia

It is the least conventional church in Europe.

The temple of the Sagrada Familia is the symbol of a city pleased of its uniqueness. It is Gaudí’s most important work, full of symbolism, nature-inspired and in a constant search for maximum expression.

In 1883, one year after the neo-gothic church was started, Gaudí was responsible for finishing it, and he improvised step by step.This temple became his masterpiece: He dedicated it his last years, and his body lies buried in the crypt.At the time of his death, only a tower of the façade had been finished, but after the Civil War the construction was resumed.Today, the work continues thanks to popular financing.

It is said that the Sagrada Familia is like a stone book that can be read, where every element expresses a passage from the Bible or an aspect of Christian faith.And there is no doubt that that was Gaudí’s intention.His architectural style was closely related to the profound Catholic sentiment, which served as an inspiration to him.Its two façades are vivid representations of two fragments from the Bible.

In 1926, at the age of 74, Gaudí was ran over by a trolley and died unidentified in a hospital for the poor.Once his identity was finally revealed, a public funeral was celebrated in his honour, which nearly equalizes those celebrated for important government personalities.

Taxi for Sagrada Familia

Many of Gaudí’s buildings have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.He’s thought to be one of the most influential architects of all times; he’s the first artist since Fra Angelico to be beatified.It is not a coincidence that Gaudí in Catalan means pleasure or enjoyment.

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